Finding a hair salon, hair dresser or top hair stylist in these times can be a challenge and getting lucky enough to get a good one can seem impossible. The hair services that have just been allowed to re-open all have to close now and hair stylist and salons are being forced to only do hair outdoors because of sterilization factors that the state of California seem to see. The logic makes absolutely no sense to us but we managed to find the best hair cut in Los Angeles from Audra Luzell.

Hair Service areas: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Woodland Hills, Culver City and West Hollywood.

audra luzell
Audra Luzell

So hair stylist’s have been forced to operate remotely and able to travel to clients. Unfortunately, hair color treatments have been banned again the reasoning doesn’t make sense to us. So if your looking for a men’s or women’s hair color you might find yourself in an alley somewhere so be careful out there.

One of the things we loved about Audra was how she approached the direction we went with my hair. She started with the head shape which I’ve never had a hair stylist do, but it makes perfect sense. She proceeded to craft a hair cut of a lifetime. Once we found out she used scissors crafted by Hattori Hanzō the legendary sword-smith in Kill Bill we were sold.

Hair Cut Los Angeles

Beverly Hills Hair Salon

Women’s Cut – $250+

Color – $300+

Color Correction – $400+ 

I-Tip Extensions – $900+

Mens Cut – $100+

Mens Color – $125+

Hopefully the rules for cutting hair change for the better soon for your nearby hair salon in Los Angeles. It’s unfortunate that hair stylist’s are getting hit by government relegation when what they learn about in cosmetology school is sanitation.