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With the recent green-rush, there have been an overwhelming amount of marijuana products that have come to market. Whether you are a dispensary or a user looking for the best cannabis brands 2018 it can be a time-consuming task. There are so many categories to choose from, whether you are looking for top reviewed flower brands, vaporizer brands, pre-roll brands, concentrate brands, topical cream brands, edible brands, CBD brands, Tincture brands, etc. Circa 420 is a site that features the best marijuana brands to save you time and lets you find cannabis brands at nearby dispensaries.

How To Find The Best Marijuana Brands

We are creatures of habit and know what we want. One of the factors when deciding one a cannabis product or brand is the consistency. We feel it is the most important to know and be confident you are going to get the same quality every time. Also, it’s worth considering how available a cannabis brand is, you want to know you find it at most dispensaries not only the ones near you. This is a proactive approach that will give you peace of mind if your goto dispensary ever runs out and is especially helpful if you travel a lot. Another consideration you should take when finding the best-reviewed marijuana products is the brands strain selection. It’s nice when a brand has a wide selection of hybrid, sativa, and indica strains so you can tailor to your needs. In addition, you should consider whether or not the brand is committed to a particular strain you love. Like wine, cannabis can be seasonal and some brands only sell what is available through their farm resources and just throw their name on it. It’s the name of the game, but if you are fortunate enough to find a brand that invests in their own strain you could have that extra level of confidence knowing that they will always have the dispensaries stocked.

Search Cannabis Brands By Strain

One of the features of Circa 420 is the ability to search the site for brands/dispensaries by strains. This is a very helpful feature as most people know what they want. Once you find a brand that has a particular strain you click the find button and all the dispensaries nearby are populated on a map. ┬áThe dopest part is that ratings, starting 1/8 prices, and hours ( whether they are open ) are quickly available by a hover click, meaning you don’t have to visit the actual dispensary page for the crucial information #timesaver.


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