Cannabis digital marketing is crucial for any business to succeed and  Stoned Fox knows it. They create “high”-end (pun intended) content for cannabis brands. They are connected with top cannabis photographers and cannabis instagram influencers and are producing some exciting work. Their mission is to elevate the culture and image associated with cannabis with class. We partnered up with their launch party on 4/20 and below are just some of the photos from the night.

Top Cannabis Influencers


They have a dope “smoke me” shirt that can be spotted in some of their editorials. We are hoping they create more apparel soon. We spoke to one of the founders and also cannabis influencer Lola Langusta about what it takes to create such an ambitious project.

BRD: Hello Lola, what was your inspiration for starting Stoned fox?

LOLA: Well I’ve been involved in the industry as a fashion DJ and have always dreamed of combining my two passions, fashion, and cannabis.

BRD: What have you learned in the process?

LOLA: First off, anybody we have worked with has been such a pleasure.  We have been INCREDIBLY fortunate to be able to work with people that are truly passionate about the herb. I am just going to plug them here – go to any of our projects and find the people involved and follow them! Okay now that that’s done, in terms of learning – don’t count on anyone or anything, period.

BRD: What do you mean?

LOLA: If somebody you says they are going to do something – expect nothing and focus on your plan B, C, and D. If plan A works great but I’ve learned to get multiple ducks in a row. I know this is a no-brainer and common sense for most people but there have been learning experiences, which I am actually grateful because adds experience 🙂

BRD: We love the smile emoji so happy to see you use it! We like that – expect nothing. So let’s just follow up with this, where do you expect Stoned Fox to be in 10 years?

LOLA: Oh my gosh I guess I set myself up for that one. That’s a tough one, my plan is to keep doing what I’m doing. I’m going to just quote Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, “If you build it they will come”.

BRD: And who exactly are you referring to?

LOLA: It’s a secret 😉

BRD: Oh wow we have upgraded from a smiley emoji to a wink one, now we are getting somewhere. So we like to feature deals here on our site, could you hook it up?

LOLA: I would love to! You can use coupon “hookup” for 10% off any Stoned Fox shirts.

BRD: Awesome. It’s been a pleasure talking to you Lola and we look forward to seeing the cannabis influencers of Stoned Fox bloom!